Quality flower isn't an option; it's an imperative

At Gold Moon, we know you want to buy quality flower at a price that’s fair. Weed is expensive even though it’s often hard to tell the quality. When we couldn’t find a good way of comparing flower BEFORE we purchased it, we decided to create one. First, we partnered with farmers so we could intimately understand how the best flower was grown, whether indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor. Then we teamed up with the industry’s best flower connoisseurs to get their opinion on the flower we grew or purchased so we knew it was good quality and at the right price for you.

If it passes the initial testing and earns our connoisseur’s appraisal, we package the flower with care in a glass jar. We also retest the flower for potency and any pesky heavy metals and pesticides. Then, we print a QR code on every jar with the full third-party tested lab reports AND the connoisseur’s review video for you to watch. We believe everyone deserves safe products, and full transparency BEFORE they make their purchase. Now, everyone can, simply by scanning our QR code on every Gold Moon jar we produce, before you buy. We did the heavy lifting so that all you have to do is…Chil!

Gold Moon Farms, premium quality flower, third-party tested and review – every time!


The flower buds exhibit a vibrant array of colors, ranging from a deep green with flaming orange or red hairs to a deep purple to bright blue with frosty trichomes visible to the naked eye.


Great flower has a distinct, pungent and pleasant aroma.

Feel Touch

The right flower is sticky and slightly spongy. Stems should snap; the bud is relatively easy to break apart, but it’s not dry or crumbly.

After evaluating the flower, we work quickly to preserve the integrity of the product. We use glass containers because glass jars seals air tight—exposure to air can greatly reduce terpene levels, especially the lighter, more volatile monoterpenes. With proper packaging and correct storage, your Gold Moon flower arrives as fresh and as potent as the day we crafted it.